Press Release of 14.10.2019

Press Release of 14.10.2019

Năvodari, Chemical Fertilizer (CICh) Company, the only Romanian manufacturer of technology-based fertilizers in Romania, estimates that this year about 5% of their total sales will be generated by the operations that have been recently opened on the neighboring markets of Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Năvodari Chemical Fertilizer Company has expanded its operations in Bulgaria and Ukraine


  • Sales in the two markets will generate 5% of the company’s revenues in 2019


Bucharest, October 14, 2019: The Năvodari Chemical Fertilizer Company (CICh), only Romanian manufacturer of technology-based fertilizers in Romania, estimates approximately 5% of its total sales of this year will be generated by the operations the company has recently started on the neighboring markets of Bulgaria and Ukraine.


“We chose to enter the two markets because of their high potential. Ukraine has an agricultural area almost three times larger than Romania’s, and the market of special fertilizers is just starting to develop. The situation in Bulgaria is different, because there are many suppliers there, selling embedded-technology fertilizers, and the local farmers have understood the benefits of using their products,” said executive director Cezara Visan.

The company has an output capacity of 1,500 tons of chemical fertilizers per day, outdoor storage capacities of 200,000 tons, as well as its own railway network and access to ports.

“Given the great potential of the markets in which we have already expanded our business, we will focus on their development in the short run, but we do not exclude the possibility of continuing expansion in other countries as well. For example, we have decided to enter the Moldovan market and we have set up a business base there,” added Cezara Visan.

Alike the Romanian market, the two new markets are witnessing a strong agricultural development; as a result, local farmers are determined to become more efficient, to produce more and better crops and implicitly to gain access to high technologies that allow them to increase their agricultural yield.


Another important factor that was considered in the company’s decision to expand its business is its infrastructure, which is developed enough to allow easy access to the two neighboring countries. Năvodari Chemical Fertilizer Company has a production capacity of 1,500 tons of fertilizers per day and is equipped with 200,000 ton indoor and outdoor storage facilities. Moreover, the company has its own railway network and enjoys easy access to the nearby ports.


According to the official, farmers in the neighboring countries are very interested in the CICh Năvodari products, which shows an openness towards the novelties in this field, which can bring them plenty of benefits.



The Năvodari Chemical Fertilizer Company is a promoter of the latest fertilization technologies in Romania. The aim of the company is to develop and bring to market products containing the latest technologies and which can bring added value to farmers. Thus, in recent years, the company has approved and introduced on the Romanian market two unique technologies: the nitrogen-based fertilizers with controlled release of the ammoniac nitrogen – the NG range of products, and the phosphorus-based fertilizers or phosphorus enhancer complexes – the Amesal range, Amesal product range, both of which are eco-friendly product ranges. This year, the Năvodari fertilizer manufacturer (CICh) has launched a new range of products, called Nutri Top, which incorporates three solutions that have been developed by CICh itself, namely NGOOO, Amesal and Humic Extracts, and which are designed to provide high-yield agricultural crops, owing to their rich content in humic, fulvic and amino acids.

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