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Coadjuvant, penetrating agent, anti-foaming agent

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*Structure / *Characteristics:

Glycols 6,55%
Emulsion of dimethylpolysiloxane 10%
concentration 5%


Density at 20 °C 1  kg/l

Magnet has a triple role:
–         It is a coadjuvant which, due to the presence of particular substances, it favors the
homogeneous distribution of fertilizers on the lamina of the treated leaves;
–         The high penetrating power causes an increase of the contact area between the nutrient
solution and the vegetal tissue, thus producing a more effective penetration and a consequent
assimilation of the fertilizing elements from other inputs;
–         It has a significant anti-foaming action.

*Doses and application methods:

Recommended dose: 50-100 gr/100 l of water

It is applied with all the treatments and it is not mixed with other adjuvants/water conditioners.

Storage conditions:  The product is stored in its original packaging, waterproof, in cool, dry and wellventilated rooms, away from the sun and heat sources. Storage temperature: between +5°C and 30°C.

*Packaging: 10 l canister