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Product for conditioning water and cleaning treatment installations.

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*Structure / *Characteristics:

Total phosphorus anhydride
25.00 %


Appearance Green liquid
Density at 20 °C 1.22-1.24 kg / l
Freezing point -20°C
Electrical conductivity (0.1%) 0.60-0.70 mS/cm
pH (20 °C) 0.61 – 0.73

P-Hidro is a product with multiple action:
–         correcting the alkaline reaction of the water used for treatments – generally, Romanian water has alkaline pH, and is inadequate for applying foliar products
–         the high pH level of the solution for spraying may make some of the pesticides quickly degrade by precipitation or hydrolysis.
–         P-Hidro is the solution in this case, as it is a product with an intense acidifying action;
–         it significantly reduces the pH values of the nutritious solutions and the protection applied to crops;
–         it improves the foliar absorption of nutrients and increases the efficiency of phyto-sanitary treatments;
–         it can be used for the in-depth cleaning of the tubes/installations used for treatments and equipment (vats, tankers, containers, etc.) and for cleaning irrigation installations by dropping mineral salt deposits

*Doses and application methods:

The recommended dose for reducing the pH of water between 8 and 9 at pH 5 is 75 – 115 ml for 100 liters
of water. For cleaning irrigation systems, prepare a solution of 1.5% (1.2 liters for 100 liters of water) and
treat for 15 minutes.

*Warnings and compatibilities: P-Hidro is stored in its original packaging, waterproof, in cool, dry and wellventilated rooms, away from the sun and heat sources. Storage temperature: between -10°C and +25°C.

*Packaging: 10 l canister