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Coadjuvant, penetrating, antifoaming

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Chemical Composition / Characteristics:

Glicoli 6,55
Emulsie de dimetilpolisiloxan de 10%, în concentratie de 5%
Densitate la 20 °C 1  kg/l

TENSIOFILL  has a triple role:

  • It is a co-adjuvant which, thanks to the particular substances it contains, favors the uniform distribution of the fertilizers on the treated leaves;
  • It has a high penetration power, enlarging the contact surface between the nutrient solution and the plant tissue, thus promoting a more effective penetration and a consistent assimilation of the fertilizing elements and of other inputs;
  • It has a significant anti-foaming action


*Recommended application doses and methods:

Recommended dose:  50-100 gr/100 l of water

Apply with all treatments and do not mix with other adjuvant/water conditioners.


Storage conditions:  Keep the product in its original packaging, hermetically sealed, in cool, dry and well-ventilated rooms, away from the direct action of the sunrays and heat sources. Storage temperature: between + 5 ° C and +30 ° C.

*Packaging:  25 kg cans