Total phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 26,0%
Total Calcium oxide (CaO) 45,8%
Total magnesium oxide (MgO) 0,35%
Total iron oxide, (Fe2O3) 4,37%
Cadmium (Cd) 5-6 ppm


RECOMMENDED DOSE / granules between 2 and 5 mm, minimum 90%: 150 – 300 kg/ha

– soil application at preparation all crops (product label*).

Organic solid fertilizers obtained from AGROGEL with high nitrogen content with modulated natural release, complexed microelements and organic matter.

–  High quality organic nitrogen fertilizers with slow natural release;

– AGROGEL® ensures maximum safety in terms of composition – the product is homogeneous, standardized and characterized by the controlled release of nitrogen into the soil via micro-organisms;

– High content of fully available organic matter with complex biostimulating action that improves natural soil conditions and allows plants to reach their full production potential;

– All the elements are absorbed by the crops, continuously, during the growing season, without losses, without negative impact on the environment.

– Important source of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium;

– Helps re-mineralize soils;

– Shows colloidal activity – improves the exchange capacity of the soil, allowing the retention of cations – calcium, potassium, microelements until their use by plants, without losses;

– Soil conditioner (including sandy soils) through its colloidal activity – colloidal minerals provide benefits for the health of soil microflora, and support root activity;

– Easy to dispense – granular product;

– Retains ammonia which is subject to volatilization losses when used in composting;

– Composting with BIOPHOS promotes the release of nutrients in soluble ionic form.

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