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Biophos BIO

RO Fertilizer
Granuled fertilizer

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Chemical Composition:

Total phosphorus pentaoxide (P2O5 ) 26%
Total Calcium oxide (CaO) 46 %
Total magnesium oxide (MgO) 0,35%
Iron oxid (Fe2O3) 4,37%


Appearance Brownish granules of irregular shapes
Non-compacted product density 1.324 kg/dm 3
Compacted product density  1.412 kg/dm 3
p H (10 % solution, 20 0 C) 3.8-4,2
Granulation between 2-5 mm Min 90 %

Analysis methods: According to Regulation 2003/2003

BIOPHOS/Soft Phosphatic Rock is a 100% natural granulated solid fertilizer, an important source of colloidal phosphorus and calcium, rich in magnesium microelements; it helps remineralize soils; it shows electromagnetic activity, improving soil exchange capacity, allowing the full retention of calcium, potassium and microelement cations until their absorption by plants;  it acts as a soil conditioning agent (including sandy soils) by its colloidal activity; colloidal minerals enhance the health of soil microflora and stimulate earth worms’ activity; the product retains volatilization-prone ammonia, when used in composts; BIOPHOS-treated compost  promotes the unlocking of nutrients in a soluble ionic form.

Use: Use the product to fertilize agricultural land by incorporating it into the soil. Apply under the plowed soil before preparing the germination bed.

Storage conditions: Keep the product sealed in its original packaging and store it in dry rooms that are especially dedicated to storing fertilizers, away from the direct contact with sunrays.

Packaging: Big Bag of 600 kg