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Pellet fertilizer

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Chemical Composition:

Total nitrogen (N) 12,5%
Organic nitrogen 12,5%
Water soluble organic nitrogen >5%
Organic carbon 40%
Extractable organic carbon / total organic carbon 95%
Organic substance 70%


Appearance Dark-grey pellets
Non-compacted product density 0,5922
Compacted product density 0,6377
p H in water 4,5
Pellets 4-5 mm

FERTIL 12.5 is an organic solid fertilizer obtained from AGROGEL – a proteic nitrogen-based hydrolyzed solid gelatin.

FERTIL 12.5 is a natural modulated / slow release high quality nitrogen-based organic fertilizer.

AGROGEL confers maximum safety in terms of its composition – the product is homogeneous, standardized and characterized by the presence of protein chains of different sizes and predetermined schemes, which allow the controlled release of nitrogen into the soil through microorganisms, as opposed to most organic fertilizers available on the market, which do not usually have a constant matrix and a deep scientific basis.

The soluble organic nitrogen is an indicator of the high technical quality of the product and the ratio of extractable organic carbon to total carbon indicates its biological affinity.

The product is rich in completely bio-available organic substance of a complex biostimulatory action, which improves the natural conditions of the soil and allows the plants to express, in any situation, their full growth potential.

All the elements of the fertilizer are absorbed by crops continuously, during the vegetation phase, depending on the nutrient absorption curves, without losses and without any negative impact on the environment.        

Use: The product is used for agricultural land plot fertilization, depending on crop needs, by applying it in covered environments or into the soil.

Recommended dose: 150-300 kg/ha

Storage conditions: Keep the product sealed in its original packaging and store it in dry rooms that are especially dedicated to storing fertilizers, away from the direct contact with sunrays.

Packaging: Big Bag of 500 kg