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Progress Micro – BIO

CE Fertilizer
Pellet fertilizer

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Chemical Composition:

Total nitrogen (N) 6 %
Organic nitrogen 6 %
Phosphoric anhydride ( P2O5) 5%
Phosphoric anhydride ( P2O5) soluble in 2% in formic acid 3%
Water soluble potassium oxide (K2O5) 13%
Water soluble sulfur trioxide ( SO3) 10%
Total magnesium oxide ( MgO) 2%
Organic carbon 18 %
Organic substance 43%


Appearance Dark-grey pellets
Non-compacted product density 0,5941
Compacted product density 0,6386
p H  in water 4,5
Pellets 4-5 mm

PROGRESS MICRO is an NPK granulated organo-mineral fertilizer containing slow natural-release completely organic NITROGEN,  obtained by the reaction, at a temperature of 80 ° C of AGROGEL® with potassium, sulfur and meat flour. It stimulates soil fertility and supplies a rich amount of MAGNEZIU, SULF and microelements, required to meet the needs of the most demanding crops. All the components of the product are released with the desired graduality and agronomic efficiency

PROGRESS MICRO contains a nutrient ratio that makes it particularly suitable for use in fruit trees and vines, besides vegetable crops, whose quality requirements are high. The product  enhances  fruit production by a single application only.

Use:  use the product to fertilize the agricultural land, depending on the need of each crop, by administration in covered environment or into the soil.

Recommended dose: 150-300 kg/ha

Storage conditions: Keep the product sealed in its original packaging and store it in dry rooms that are especially dedicated to storing fertilizers, away from the direct contact with sunrays.

Packaging: Big Bags of 500 kg