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CE Fertilizer
Liquid fertilizer

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Chemical Composition:

Total nitrogen (N) 16%w/w equivalent 21%w/v of which
 Nitric nitrogen (NO3) 1,7%w/w equivalent 2,3%w/v
Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4) 10,8%w/w equivalent 14,1%w/v
Urea nitrogen (amide) 3,5%w/w equivalent 4,6%w/v
Water-soluble sulfur (SO3)  50%w/w equivalent 65%w/v
Water-soluble Boron (B) 0,01%w/w equivalent 0,013%w/v
EDTA-chelated copper (Cu)  0,01%w/w equivalent 0,013%w/v
EDTA-chelated iron (Fe)  0,02%w/w equivalent 0,026%w/v
EDTA-chelated manganese (Mn)  0,01%w/w equivalent 0,013%w/v
Water-soluble molybdenum (Mo)  0,001%w/w equivalent 0,0013%w/v
EDTA-chelated zinc (Zn)  0,01%w/w equivalent 0,013%w/v


Appearance Liquid
Density at 20 °C Approx.1,31 kg/l
Freezing point -5°C
Electric conductivity (0,1%) 1,1 mS/cm
pH (20 °C) 7-8


  • a liquid fertilizer, rich in nitrogen and sulfur, and a balanced content of microelements – the FOLISULF components are involved in the synthesis of chlorophyll, enzymes and proteins.
  • solubility and a quick and effective absorption of the three different forms of nitrogen in its composition favor and support the vegetative growth / development of the foliar apparatus;
  • prevents deficiencies and satisfies the plants’ demand for sulfur (sulfur consumption is directly related to the plant’s nitrogen needs, so that crops with a high demand for nitrogen will also need an adequate amount of sulfur;
  • sulfur deficiency leads to an increase in the soluble nitrogen content, which causes a slow formation of protein substances;
  • facilitates absorption of other nutrients;
  • prevents the increase of the aspartic acid content to the detriment of the other amino acids in cereals, as it happens in the case of sulfur deficiencies, improving quantitatively and especially qualitatively the crop yields.

Application doses and methods:

Apply to foliage in all crops, in a doze of 2-5 l/ha.

Packaging: 20 l cans

Storage conditions:  Keep the product in its original packaging, hermetically sealed, in cool, dry and well-ventilated rooms, away from the direct action of the sunrays and heat sources. Storage temperature: between + 5 ° C and +30 ° C.