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Ilsamin N90

CE fertilizer
Liquid fertilizer

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Chemical Composition:

Organic nitrogen (N) 8,9%
Soluble organic nitrogen (N) 8,9%
Organic carbon (C) 25%
Total amino acids >50
Free aminoacids mainly L-aminoacids >10


Appearance Slightly viscous brown liquid
Density at 20 °C 1,22 kg / l
pH (20 °C) 5,6 ±0,5
Electrical conductivity (0,1%) 135 µS/cm

ILSAMIN N90 is a biostimulator of plant tolerance to stress factors and of plant flowering. It is an organic foliar liquid fertilizer, rich in nitrogen and free amino acids.

  • A high quality biostimulator and fertilizer of high nutritional properties, obtained from GELAMIN through enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen, mediated by a mixture of specific, low-temperature selective enzymes;
  • High content of peptides, polypeptides and L-amino acids, which are biologically active, recognized by plants and directly integrated into  the metabolic cellular processes; has a strong balancing effect on vegetal actions;
  • Stimulates plant metabolism by allowing fast, balanced and efficient nutrition in all difficult vegetative situations, including the quick recovery of damaged plant tissues;
  • The regular use of this product helps plants to always keep all their biochemical pathways active under both normal conditions and in critical times of extreme stress;
  • Supports plant tolerance to soil salinity;
  • Increases active resistance of plants to pathogen attacks;
  • Stimulates flowering and allows the quantitative and qualitative improvement of crop yields.


 The product is allowed for use in organic farming.

Application dose and method:

A dose of 1.5-2 l / ha is recommended. Foliar applicability to all crops, as a biostimulator of stress tolerance and / or as a fertilizer.

Storage conditions: Keep the product in its original packaging, hermetically sealed, in cool, dry and well-ventilated rooms, away from the direct action of the sunrays and heat sources. Storage temperature: between + 5 ° C and +30 ° C.


Packaging:  20 kg can

Made in: Italy