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CE Fertilizer
Liquid fertilizer

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Chemical Composition:

Phosphorus (P2O5) 25,50 % 
Potassium oxide (K2O5) 17 %
Potassium oxide Potassium oxide ( B) 0,15 %
EDTA-chelated copper Cu) 0,15%
EDTA-chelated iron Fe) 0,3 %
EDTA-chelated manganese (Mn) 0,15%
Soluble molybdenum ( Mo) 0,015%
EDTA-chelated zinc (Zn) 0,15%


Appearance Green liquid
Density at 20 °C Approx. 1.37 kg/l
Freezing point -3°C
Electric conductivity (0,1%) 0,425  mS/cm
pH (20 °C) 4,5-5

Analysis method: according to Regulation 2003/2003.



  • a liquid fertilizer with a high and balanced content phosphorus, potassium and soluble microelements content, with high mobility within the plant and specific biostimulation effect on metabolic processes;
  • it favors and stimulates cell multiplication, prevents the negative impact of excessive amount of nitrogen in plants and balances vegetative and foliar growth;
  • its components intervene in the synthesis process of chlorophyll, enzymes and proteins;
  • it favors the absorption of other nutrients,
  • it stimulates the plant’s natural mechanisms of defense against stress and / or unfavorable crop development situations;
  • it stimulates the plant’s defense mechanism against pathogens and contributes to fruit ripening, increasing fruit color, taste and preservability.


Recommended application doses and methods:

Foliar applications in any crop, in a dose of 1.5-3 l/ha.


*Warnings and compatibilities: