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Restart Up NG

RO Fertilizer
Granuled fertilizer

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Chemical Composition:

Total nitrogen (N) 34%
Ammoniacal nitrogen ( N-NH4) 17%
Nitric nitrogen (N- NO3) 17%
NG inhibitor


Appearance Pink grains
Non-compacted product  density 0,98 kg/dm 3
Compacted product density 1,031 kg/dm 3
p H (10 % solution, 20 0 C) 4,5
Granulation between 1-5 mm Min 95 %

Analysis method: According to Regulation 2003/2003


Restart Up NG  is a solid granulated fertilizer that contains nitrogen in two forms: nitric nitrogen (immediately accessible to the plant) and ammoniacal nitrogen, with Neem extract (NG)-based  film coated grains.

Neem Extract (N-Guard Oil) is a 100% natural product, based on vegetable oils, which allows plants to absorb the nitrogen gradually and over a longer period of time, with the nitrogen acting as a nitrification inhibitor that reduces nitrogen losses through volatilization and leaching and has an insect-repellent effect.

Use: Use this product to fertilize agricultural land plots, depending on the need of each crop. Apply the product during the vegetation period or when preparing the germination bed.

Storage conditions: Keep the product sealed in its original packaging and store it in dry rooms that are especially dedicated to storing fertilizers, at least 5 m away from other materials and away from direct sunrays and any other heat source.

Packaging: Big Bag of 500 kg