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Fertilizer RO
Liquid fertilizer. Mineral fluid complex NP fertilizer; Fertilizer solution NP.

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Chemical Composition:

Total Phosphorus pentaoxide (P2O5) 40%
Total sulfur trioxide (SO3) 1,34%
Total magnesium oxide (MgO) 0,74%
Iron (Fe2O3) 0,71%
AmeSal phosphorus enhance 0,2%


Appearance Green, opalescent liquid
Density at 20 °C Circa 1,41 kg/l
Freezing point -15⁰C
pH (20 °C) 1,8 unit. pH

Analysis method: According to Regulation 2003/2003

AmeSal Liquiphos 40 is a phosphorus-based liquid fertilizer.

AmeSal Liquiphos 40 is recommended to use in corn, soybean, sugar beet and other crops.


Application dosage and methods: Apply a dose of 200 kg / ha, in a single application, by incorporating the product into the soil.

Application period: apply by spraying in small doses before sowing, when preparing the germinal bed, during or after sowing.

Storage conditions: Store the product in its original packaging, on a dry and smooth timber stand or shelf, at a temperature ranging between 5 and 30˚C, away from sunrays.

* Warning: The use of the fertilizer for purposes other than the recommended ones and its discharge into surface or groundwater are forbidden.