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RO Fertilizer
Granuled fertilizer

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Chemical Composition:

Total nitrogen (N) 40%
Ammoniacal nitrogen ( N-NH4) 5%
Urea nitrogen (amidic-NH2) 35%
Water soluble sulfur trioxide (SO3)                                                           14%
NBPT urease inhibitor in urea nitrogen mass 0,09%


Appearance Blue grains
Non-compacted product density 0,7548 kg/dm 3
Compacted product density 0,7970 kg/dm 3
p H (10 % solution, 20⁰C) 6 – 7
Granulation between 1-5 mm Min 95 %

Analysis methods: According to Regulation 2003/2003.

POWER 54 with NBPT is a solid granulated fertilizer that contains nitrogen in the form of ammonia and urea, plus an important amount of sulfur, all of which are important elements in plant growth as well as in protein synthesis. The presence of the NBPT inhibitor allows the maximum utilization of nitrogen units, as result of the blocking of urea conversion into ammonia and the NH3 evaporation, for a period of one to two weeks, thus allowing the time required for product incorporation by precipitation or by other means.

Use: Apply the product to fertilize agricultural land plots by incorporating it into the soil during the plant vegetation phase of when preparing the germinal bed.

Storage conditions: Keep the product sealed in its original packaging and store it in dry rooms that are especially dedicated to storing fertilizers, away from the direct contact with sunrays.

Packaging: Big Bag 500 kg