Dekalb Rapeseed Day

Dekalb Rapeseed Day

We are in Girov, Neamț county, where the specialists of Monsanto company are present to the farmers the best performing hybrids and the most beautiful rapeseed crops in Moldova.

The CICh Romania team presented to the farmers, on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, the most performing nutrition technologies in rapeseed culture.

CICh Romania, Dekalb and Agro Business Consulting have jointly organized the “Rapeseed Day” in Girov – Dochia, on the Valenii Doamnei farm owned by engineer Vasile POP – Silaghi.

We enjoyed the participation of over 120 farmers from the Moldavian region and their keen interest manifested in CICh Romania technologies.

The growing of the Dekalb hybrids rapeseed crop has resorted to the two top technologies of CICh Romania, namely:

  • The AMESAL technology– a phosphorus enhancement technology that keeps the phosphorus moving through the soil and makes it available to plants throughout their vegetation stage, regardless of the soil pH.

We have used the complex product NPK 4.20.10 + 12% SO3 + 12% CaO + 1% MgO + B, Mn, Zn, Fe, Cu to prepare the germinal bedapplying the AMESAL & NGOOO technology

  • The NG technology – controlled nitrogen release and longer nitrification / the technology that keeps the nitrogen supply available to the plants for up to 90 – 100 days

NG technology – nitrogen is highly beneficial to  the culture and prevents leaching or volatilization losses!

NG technology – Nguard /it is a natural nitrification inhibitor that is beneficial for both the plant and the soil  (see the mushrooms in rapeseed crops) and it is also an effective insect repellent!

We have had the chance to see how important plant nutrition is to reaching the full genetic potential of hybrids.

We have had the proof that even in a difficult agricultural year such as this year we can grow high-yield crops, provided that we apply a correct and efficient fertilization plan, combined with genetics and phytosanitary protection.

Together we have had the chance to acknowledge once again that CICh Romania technologies and products are Effective, Professional and Profitable for farmers!

We thank our DEKALB partners!

We thank Mr.Vasile POP – Silaghi!

We thank all our partners – THE FARMERS their trusting our products – CICh Romania!

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